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plaster Blaine Darren Owners Nurse StuccoNurse Stucco is your San Diego stucco, lath and plaster contractor serving San Diego communities for over 40 years. We are acknowledged San Diego experts in all phases of stucco application, stucco refinishing, and stucco repair.

At Nurse Stucco we pride ourselves in our quality of work, our reliability, and most importantly our integrity. We stand behind our work and are fully licensed for all work performed.

We welcome small stucco projects too and we encourage you to research San Diego stucco contractors with Google, Home Advisor and Yelp – as our reputation speaks for itself! Whatever your stucco project, we will personally be by your side during every step – starting with planning and selection of color and textures, scheduling, and on to completion.

Stucco is a popular building material for several reasons. First and foremost, stucco is low maintenance and it offers excellent durability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for exterior surfaces. Stucco can withstand various weather conditions, including extreme heat, cold, and moisture, without deteriorating easily.

Additionally, stucco provides a versatile and customizable finish. It can be applied in different textures and colors, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. Stucco can be tailored to meet specific aesthetic preferences, whether a smooth, textured, or patterned appearance is desired.

Furthermore, stucco has excellent fire-resistant properties, which adds an extra layer of safety to buildings. It doesn’t contribute to the spread of flames and can help contain fires, providing valuable time for occupants to evacuate.

Stucco is also relatively low-maintenance compared to other materials. It does not require frequent repainting or sealing, reducing long-term maintenance costs. Moreover, it is resistant to insects, such as termites, offering added protection to structures.

Lastly, stucco is an energy-efficient option. It has insulating properties that can help regulate indoor temperatures by reducing heat transfer, resulting in potential energy savings for homeowners and building owners.

Considering its durability, versatility, fire resistance, low maintenance, insect resistance, and energy efficiency, it’s no wonder that stucco remains a popular choice in the construction industry.

When you want the best for your home you want a material that will not only withstand the test of time but will also give your home a unique and beautiful look. By selecting stucco, you receive the benefits of a material that is extremely resistant, environmentally safe, and is built to last a lifetime.

Selecting Nurse Stucco as your stucco contractor will insure your home receives the personal attention and care it deserves. It’s something we’ve been doing, and doing well, for over four decades.

If you have an older home, both the exterior and interior walls may have been finished using lath & stucco. Most homes built prior to WWII (1940s-1950s) were built with lath and plaster interior walls instead of drywall, with stucco exterior walls. Around the mid-1950s, drywall began to replace lath and plaster for interior walls in new home construction.

Drywall interior walls are the standard in today’s construction. The California License for our industry is the C-35 – Lathing and Plastering Contractor. What we get to these days is plaster applied to the exterior of your walls is called stucco, applied to the interior walls and ceilings it’s referred to as plaster. By definition stucco and plaster are composed of the same materials.

In 1998 California merged the C-26 license into the C-35 license, and 20+ years later we still get questions about why we’re a Stucco company.  Simple answer – we specialize in exterior lath and plaster (stucco)… We’re Nurse Stucco, and fully licensed in our trade.

Thin pieces of wood called lath were nailed onto the 2×4 framing, then wet plaster was applied onto the lath in three applications (that’s your traditional 3-coat stucco), much the same as plaster was applied to the interior walls and ceilings of the home. Depending on the quality of the original installation and the maintenance of the home, such lath and plaster walls may be in good condition today.

We see many examples of older homes built in the 1940s-1950s in great condition, and we’re called in to stucco a wall behind the pool or for a room addition and the owners or remodeling contractor wants it to match the homes existing finish texture and color.

traditional lath with plaster over the lath

Those traditional thin wood strips applied directly to the wall studs are no longer used in the lathing process. Current building codes require installation of a water-resistant barrier. This is the treated water-resistant black paper which you’ll hear referred to as 2-ply 60 minute (that tells you its thickness is 2X and will resist water in direct contact for 60 minutes).

The metal lath layer is next, this is what is commonly referred to as chicken wire due to its appearance – we call it metal self-furred lath.

There are other types of laths used – rib (with or without paper backing) lath, diamond lath, bull nose or straight corner aid, weep screed – these are specialty lathing materials and will be combined to ensure your stucco has the correct lath foundation over the moisture barrier to do the job for years to come.

Depending on the area you live in, you may need to have this work inspected by city building inspectors for compliance with building codes for stucco construction. The Inspector is looking at how these materials are attached to the walls – galvanized nails and staples, thickness of the paper, flashing around window and door openings, correct usage of weep screed at the bottom of the walls as well as metal flashing.

It’s a pretty straight-forward process and Nurse Stucco’s Lathers are well qualified and meet or exceed building code requirements.

Nurse Stucco lath installed residential home after new window installation
Installed rib lath new construction


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